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Let Medicine be your food and food be your Medicine.  Hippocrates

We eat food to live, but many of us get confused and feel that we live to eat.  The majority of the population looks only to satisfy their appetitie rather than to satisfy their bodies.  Just look at the buffets and smorgasbords we have available in America today.  These industrialized foods do not provide the body with the essential nutrients that it needs.  We are litteraly eating ourselves to death. (1)

Your choices of nutrition will be the determining factor of your overall health.   Good food choices will help you feel good, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Bad Food choices however will cause you to feel bad, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  
Knowing what to eat, as well as how to eat, and when to eat, can all play a role in the drama of health vs disease.   For many people, that means changing your understanding of what is considered good or bad, and the truth may surprise you.  Current studies are proving again and again, what is right for one individual, may not be for another.

Our doctors can help you evaluate your current eating habits, and assist you in determining the optimal nutritional foundation for your health and wellness. We have tools and options available  to test for optimal best health such as Urinalysis testing, Allergy testing, Stool testing kits, and even Blood Labs to see what your body is needing.

Our Staff has a wealth of knowledge in: balanced eating, raw foods, food combining, vegan, eating for your type, body building, detoxifying, various modes of fasting and the use of nutritional supplements for cleansing, rebuilding, and maintaining your valued health. Dr. T.J. Williams specializes in Orthomolecular Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

* Baker Chiropractic maintains a large selection of  Nutritional Supplements by Respected Natural Healthcare companies such as:  Advanced Naturals, Arise and Shine, Pure Body Institute, ProBotanixx, Standard Process, and DC Labs, NuMedica, and Biotics Research Corporation and Optimal,  just to name a few.

We  also offer many books for purchase, by well known "alternative healthcare" authors including: 

Norman Walker, Richard Anderson, Walter Russell, Keven Trudeau, Roger Bezanis, and Louise Hay. 

Feel free to browse our collection of products and materials following your appointment. 

(1) Excerpt from Food Combining, Fasting and Colon Therapy by Mark A. Baker DC, Ch 1 pg 2.

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