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What is an Ionic Foot Bath?

Healthy negative ions can be generated in water using a low amperage electrical current, which breaks apart the water molecule, producing the negative atom. By soaking our feet in a negatively charged ionic bath for 30 minutes, we can imitate/enhance the healthful benefits of natural bodies of water. Removing/neutralizing these harmful toxins naturally improves one's health and creates a sense of well being. People who use the Ionic Foot Bath have reported an alleviation of such symptoms as headaches, fatigue, joint pain, stiffness, numbness, cold hands/feet, swelling, allergic reactions, dermatitis, memory loss, mental confusion, attention deficit, insomnia, and stress. Additionally, many people have reported feeling more energetic, more mental clarity, freedom from pain, and increased circulation in feet and hands.

What are negative ions?

We know that negative ions are good for you. They are found in abundance in nature, associated with waterfalls, seashores and rainstorms. They are created by the action of the water hitting the land. The force of contact breaks some of the water molecules apart, resulting in negatively charged hydrogen and oxygen atoms. This negative charge works in two ways. First, it acts to rebalance energy meridians, much the same as acupuncture to the body's reflex points. Our bodies are like an electrical grid. If there is a break in the flow of the energy current, such as injury, or poor nutrition, the signals become thwarted, and disease results. Rebalancing the energy grid is the basis of acupuncture therapy. Small needles are inserted at origin and reception points along the meridians. During treatment you can often feel the mild twinges of the electrical current being regenerated. Second, the ions act like a magnet, attracting positively charged pollutants and toxins, allowing our bodies to release stored waste. Negative ions are often used in home and commercial air filtration systems. Because most pollutants have a positive charge, the negative ions produced by the air filtration device bind to and screen out the harmful substances, leaving fresh clean air reminiscent of a day at the beach.

What is the purpose?

Environmental toxins can settle in the tissues of the body, creating an acidic (positive charge) condition that compromises our health. When these acids accumulate, they result in disease and degeneration. The negative (alkaline) ions produced by the ionic foot bath, pull the positively charged toxins out of the body through the pores of the feet. Laboratory tests suggest that toxins such as heavy metals are pulled out of the body during treatment, because they are present in the water after the bath is complete. It is also believed that as a person soaks his feet in the ionic bath, the body is able to absorb many of the healthy negative ions through the same pores in the feet, which when retained in the body, are able to neutralize the harmful acids still trapped in the body's tissues. Additionally, we know that the accumulation of toxins in our bodies decrease the flow of energy along the bodies meridians. Stimulation of the primary acupuncture points along the bottoms and sides of the feet with the mild current, restores and balances the body's energy flow. New energy results in the purging of toxins from the organs and cells of our bodies. As each treatment results in additional repair to and waste removal from our bodies functions and circulations, we are able to absorb more benefit with consecutive therapies. 
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