Equalizer Technique

Questions & Answers about Equalizer Technique 

Unlike many chiropractic methods, equalizer technique is a light-forced system, designed to detect and correct nerve interference with the least amount of discomfort to even the most sensitive patient. This eliminates the fear that many people have had that chiropractic treatment might be painful or unpleasant. On the contrary, patients tell us that adjustments with the equalizer have produced a feeling of relaxation or well-being.


Realizing that bones and joints are supported by muscles and ligaments, its not difficult to imagine that affecting these tissues with a light adjustive thrust can reflexly help to correct spinal and other bodily misalignments. The body is designed to function with the forces of gravity, balanced with forces exerted by muscles. Balancing or equalizing these forces allows the body to be in harmony with its inner and outer environments. Without this harmony the body is subject to structural and functional ailments and is not healthy.


What is the doctor doing when I am on the table?


Your chiropractic doctor is using a testing procedure refined by equalizer technique which utilizes the nervous system to determine what is wrong. This encompasses a system of orthopedic and neurological reflexes and signs to determine overall spinal balance and to help pinpoint the mislaignments and irritated spinal nerves or other joints of your body. These nerve irritations cause vertebral displacements which may cause pain and malfunction in your body.


Can chiropractic help me?


Most people have the misconception that chiropractic is only good for backaches, headaches, stiff necks, sore shoulders, and other spinal related conditions. It is true that anyone who is suffering from these types of problems should try chiropractic first. However, it is not generally known that chiropractic can help many other problems of bodily dysfunction. All the various organs, glands and body tissues require nerve innervation for their proper function. It follows then that various functional disorders of the body may respond favorably to a chiropractic adjustment.


How long will it take for me to get well?


The length of time required for recovery is dependant upon the state and condition of the individual when treatment is initiated. These factors include age, living habits, weight, how long you have had the problem, and your willingness to accept responsility for your health.

Remember, pain is the last in a series of warning signals your body gives as dysfunction progresses. Pain is usually the first symptom to disappear as you begin to recover. Don't be misled by this into thinking that you are well because you no longer hurt. That pain was to make you do something about your problem and you should continue with treatment until the problem is corrected and controlled.


After recovering from my illness or disability, is there a possibility that this condition can recur?


There is a possibilty of a recurrence depending upon how much permanent damage has been done and on the body's ability to effect regeneration and repair. There are also many outside factors which influence your health, such as trauma, falls, things you may be allergic to, junk food, or not maintaining a proper diet. In addition, emotions such as worry, hate, fear, jealosies, etc. play a major part in sickness. Since we are prone to any of those emotions, there is no assurance that we will never again suffer illness as we go through life. It would be wise to visit your chiropractor periodically to maintain the integrity of your nervous system, thus minimizing the possibilities of sickness.


What does the small hand instrument do?


The hand-held instrument is a new concept in light-force, painless adjusting. It has been designed to deliver a light, fast thrust without undue discomfort to the patient. The thrust delivered by the doctor helps the body reduce the spinal misalignment by restoring normal function to the spinal nerves, which allows your body to operate more efficiently.


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