Questions and Answers About Insurance

What insurance plans do you accept?
        It is our desire to maintain affordable healthcare for everyone.  Negotiating fees with third-party payers only reduces the fee for some, while increasing costs unfairly to others. We also believe that only you and your doctor should decide the best treatment options affordable to you, not a stranger sitting behind a computer.  Our office does not coordinate treatment or payment with any insurance company or program. You may, however, choose to submit any claims to your insurance company on your own.

Is my treatment covered by my insurance?
      Probably not. Generally speaking, Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment is the only recognized service that is payable by a third party payer.  The majority of our services; acupuncture, colonic irrigation, hyper baric oxygen therapy, ionic footbaths and others, are not performed by allopathic doctors and therefore are not considered "medically necessary" by the insurance industry. If you are unsure, you may contact your insurance company and ask what services may be covered.

But what if my treatment is covered by my insurance?
     Every patient receives a copy of the doctor's notes completed during their visit.  All the necessary provider information and diagnosis is provided on the receipt for your convenience.  Fill out the patient information section on the claim form provided by your human resources department, then mail or fax to your insurance company along with a copy of your receipt for reimbursement. You may also want to send a copy of your insurance card for identification purposes.

What about car accidents, personal injury and worker's compensation claims?
       As with all our patients, payment is expected in full at each visit. Once your treatment is complete, you may request for us to forward your records to a case manager for review or have your attorney request records from our office. We will make every effort to protect your personal information, and only release your records in accordance to the guidelines established by HIPAA. (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Your case worker, insurance agent or your attorney will work with you directly to make arrangements for your reimbursement.

We strive to provide the best affordable holistic health care with your needs in mind. If you have any questions, please call our office at 314-291-4401.


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