Questions & Answers about Chiropractic

 What kinds of ailments have been helped at our offices?

Chiropractic and Acupuncture treats more than back and neck pain. We have helped a variety of people with the following conditions:

Bell's Palsy - Back & Leg Pain during Pregnancy - Migraine Headaches
Shingles - High Blood Pressure - Bedwetting - Joint Pain - Asthma
Constipation - Diarrhea - Morning Sickness - Nausea - Colic - Earaches
Sinus Problems - Sore Throats - Common Cold - Fatigue - Depression
Pain Control after Surgery - Infertility - Sciatica

Why should I come back after I am able to resume normal activity?

Many patients are confused as to why we suggest that they return periodically for "tune-ups." They assume that once they are feeling better they will not have to return for follow up care.

A person who has has a prior injury is prone to future injury because that part of their body was weakened by the original injury. Over time if this area is not periodically adjusted, a patient has a greater risk of developing arthritis in that area. Arthritis is inflammation and eventual immobilization of injured joints. The body attempts to stabilize itself by growing "osteophytes" more commonly known as "bone-spurs." Eventually these spurs can permanently impinge on nerves in your body.

After investing money and time into your health isn't it important to maintain your health? Compare your body to a car. You have spent a lot of money to purchase a car. Isn't it important to change your oil every 3,000 miles or change spark plugs on a periodic basis? Why wouldn't you treat your body with the same amount of respect?

Maintenance care or follow up care is an important part of your health care. It can help you keep your body in shape and reduce your overall health care costs. We would rather see you every month or two in a great mood than see you on rare occasions in a lot of pain. Whether you choose to return on a regular basis is always up to you, but your body will always let you know when you have waited too long.

"But I'm Feeling Better ..."

We've heard this many times from patients, and trust me we like hearing that you are starting to feel better. But when many patients start to feel better, they start missing appointments. Commonly, we see people come to our office for the first time when they are in enough pain or discomfort to prevent them from doing daily activities at home or work. While our first priority is to do our best to alleviate pain and allow you to return to normal activity, we are also concerned with your long-term health as well.

When we suggest that you return for future visits, it is only to ensure that your recovery is as complete as possible. In some cases recovery is quick and you may need only a few visits to return you to normal acitivity. However, we do see patients that are going to require care for more than a few weeks and when we make this determination we try to inform you as soon as possible.

It is important that you follow through on our recommendations for care as well as exercises or supplements that we suggest. We will do our part, and we only ask that you do yours. If you need to change or cancel an appointment, we do ask that you call us as soon as possible so that we may have that appointment time for someone who may need help.

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